Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Letter

I've never done one of those letters that get mailed out around Christmas time.  You know, the ones that update you on what happened with a family during that year.  I know jokes get made about them, whether they are embellished or just full of lies.  I really enjoy reading them.  I never get to keep in touch with my friends as much as I'd like, so the letters are very interesting. 

Here's my chance to give this Christmas letter writing thing a try, and everyone can take it or leave it!

2012 has been a wonderful year.  As usual, it has flown by faster than I could imagine.  My kids are growing before my eyes and each year passes faster than the one before. 

Our family has been busy as usual.  With four kids and a mini-farm full of animals, there is never a lack of work to be done.  We added ducks this year and have started working the aussies on stock.  We also have a new family kitty, a calico named Sage who joins our 3 teenage calico cats.  Our 2012 aussie litter was born in February - 7 blue merle babies from Owen and Ellie. We are due to take our 2012 family picture with the dogs as soon as the weather cooperates and it will be a very full picture!  We transferred membership to Dover Christian Church and have been greatly blessed by this church family.  We enjoyed a great family vacation at Patoka Lake with my parents, as well as several family camping trips. 

Tim started a new job recently.  He left Pace Dairy and is now employed with Land O Lakes/Purina Nutrition.  He works in a plant that makes livestock feed, mainly for race horses.  The new job is a bit further away than his old one, but he is on a nice, normal day shift with most weekends off.  He's home for dinner and is able to spend his evenings with the family. 

I've been busy with the dogs.  I personally finished two conformation champions that I bred, and watched another dog I bred earn an Altered CH, and go on to a Finals invitation where she earned 5th place!  I also got to watch a co-bred dog earn her CH.  I was thrilled to complete Glory's ATCH, the Agility Trial Championship.  I showed Ryder to several Best of Breed wins.  I stay busy at home and running to several dog shows a month.  I also substitute teach occasionally, teach classes in the 4-H dog project, and do several 4-H judging assignments during the summer.

Madie is 10 years old and is growing into a young lady, no longer our little kid.  She's in the 5th grade, sings in the choir, and loves training and showing her dogs.  She put several titles on her dog Ellie, earned her first 500 club in the first 4 months of the ASCA year, and won 1st place in her showmanship class at the Indiana State fair.  She now co-owns Quinn and is doing great using him in junior handling, earning many Best Junior wins.  Madie has added horse-back riding to her hobby list, and also ran her first 5k this summer.  She showed in dogs, goats, and rabbits at the county fair.

Emma is 8 years old and is doing very well in the 3rd grade.  She got her first puppy this spring, a blue merle aussie named Nicki.  They are best buddies and she's doing very well training her.  They've already earned a Best Junior Handler win together!  She's looking forward to starting a gymnastics class next month.

Drew is 4 years old and in preschool.  He loves school and is a great student.  He has learned to read his letters, say the days of the week and months of the year, and loves counting to 100 with a little assistance.  He loves trains and trucks and is the best big brother to his little sister.  He did another dog show this fall and loved it. 

Macy is 2 years old and thinks she runs the world.  She is a talker, and so opinionated that she always has something to say.  She's Drew's shadow and tries to keep up with everything he does.  She too is learning to read her letters and loves to count.  She sings all of his preschool songs.  She plays with My Little Ponies and Matchbox cars.

We're already making big plans for 2013.  Both Madie and Emma with be in 4-H this year.  Drew is hoping to start T-ball.  Our dog show schedule is full and we plan to attend the ASCA Nationals in Greeley, CO.  Tim and I are making more home improvement plans.  I pray that we will continue to be as blessed in the new year as we have been in 2012. 

God Bless you all!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
-The Williams family.

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