Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013! New Year, New Resolutions

Instead of searching for a piece of paper with my resolutions from last year, this time I just read the blog.  As usual, I was disappointed that I hadn't fulfilled all of my resolutions, but there were some bonus surprises.  Overall I enjoyed 2012 and the experiences that I never could have imagined. 

Looking at my 5 resolutions from last year, I did enjoy the first one, the blog.  It was a resolution to give blogging a try for one year.  I definitely plan to continue.  I will take the Tuesday 'deadline' away.  That caused too much pressure and there for a while, I avoided the blog all together.  I will blog when I can, or when I'm inspired.

I was supposed to concentrate on my health.  I wanted to eat better, exercise, and lose weight.  Um, not so much.  I do okay until late fall when the weather gets colder and I don't want to go outside to run.  And then Thanksgiving and Christmas come around with all of those yummy treats.  This one will definitely make the list again for 2013.

I wanted to improve my Bible study.  Okay, so while I didn't improve much with my home Bible study, we did have a good year for church attendance.  We travel quite a bit for dog shows and miss Sundays when we are gone.  We did attend every Sunday that we were home.  No sleep-in excuses this year.  There were times when all 6 of us didn't get to go together due to work schedules or illness, but some of us went.

Number 4 was organization.  I made progress but still want to continue with this one.  I made new file boxes for the overwhelming amount of paperwork around here.  I want to clear out some clutter and make a place for everything.  This is a BIG project!

The final resolution was actually a collection of goals with my dogs.  I wanted Glory's MACH and ATCh, Quinn's ASCA CH, and Ryder's AKC CH.   I did achieve the ATCH and ASCA CH.  We didn't quite complete the other too, but made great progress.  Glory is only 3 QQs from the MACH, and Ryder is sitting at 13 pts, 1 major in AKC.  We only attended two AKC shows with majors this year.  A surprise accomplishment was Indy's ASCA CH!

So now I look at 2013.  I'm very excited for this new year.  Life is going well and I hope we will have many new adventures in this new year. 

My 5 New Year's Resolutions for 2013:
1. Improve my health and weight.  I am going to be more specific on my personal weight goal. I know that I will have to alter my diet and exercise plan to achieve this.
2. Continue to organize my home.  My family knows how stressed I get when I can't find something or the house is a mess. 
3. Goals with dogs: My list of goals for this year includes around 20 titles on 9 of our dogs. (6 of mine, 3 are the kids')  Now I know we aren't going to get all of those titles, but I have to have something to shoot for with each dog.  The big ones I'm going for are a MACH, two AKC CHs, two ASCA CHs, and an RMX.
4. Better time management.  In simpler terms, I want to learn to be on time.  I'm always about 10 minutes late.  I'd really like to be more organized and prompt.
5. More Bible study time.  This is a carry over from last year, but also goes with #4.  If I can better organize and manage my time, I will better be able to find 15 minutes a day to spend in God's Word.

So here we go!  It's a fresh start and I'm ready to go!

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